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It's spring outside. I can tell it because i can see it through my wide window lol But i don't really have time to go out and rest under the sun...

I have work to do but it does not annoying  me actually. As long as i can draw and paint (and play video games, of course :p) i'm ok with that. But i'm not a good exemple to follow guys ! If the weather is good and you can hear the sun, the bird, even the wind calling you from outside, just go take a walk :)

Take care,

God bless you all !
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Like the title said, i just wanna thank you all for the support, the favs, the comment and featuring :) 

It's really heartwarming ! 

I'm a bit off for a few months, because off the hardwork time but, i wish i'll add more spare time (though that i love to play video games during those times...) to paint and draw more :) 

But i reasure you, i'm working on few pieces, Stay tune DV8 family !
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Hi guys,

Nothin' special to say except the fact that i am chillin' on my 3DS and on my Wacom table :p

I've decides to put some idea on screen from my notepad to my computer screen lol It's been a long time that i've not picked up random topics and bring them to a presentable level.
I'll stick on the Activities too, wich is a pretty cool and efficient method to get some really interesting topics if you want to challenge yourself :) I'm encouragin' you to get involved in thoses art communities ! It's reall cool !

By the way, see you soon guys !

God bless you all,

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Hi DV8 !

I'm happy to announce that i'm opening my commissions schedule !

Any project ? Any ideas that needs it's own design ? Maybe you already have a sketch and you want me to develop it to a presentable level ? You need to see your ideas on the screen ? Maybe you want me to develop different design propositions for a personal project ? You writing a story but you have no clue about what your universe can look like ?

Let's talk about this :) I can help you :)

What can i do for you ?

- Character design (design creation, redesign, model sheet, refining, ideation)  - 75$

- Creatures design (design creation, redesign, model sheet, refining, ideation)  - 75$  

- Vehicle design (design creation, redesign, model sheet, refining, ideation)  - 75$

- Environements design (architecture, landscape, scenery)  - 75$

- Props design (tools, weapons, stuffs, goodies...) - 75$  

- Illustration - The price will depends of the level of details.

Any revisions on the finish design will be charge.

Payment through PayPal only (I'll give you the needed informations )

If you are interested or want further informations, feel free to contact me at:
Happy New Year 2012 !

I whish you the best for this new year. Don't forget you sketchbook everywhere this year will bring you ;)

Keep drawin', paintin' and lovin' !

I will probably start doin' commission for you guys ;)

- Characters design
- Creatures design
- Environement design
- Vehicles design
- Illustration
- Redesign
- Fan Art

So stay tune !

God bless you all

- Rano
Hi guys ;)

A quick entry here to let you know that i have recently create my facebook page :) Rano workshop =>

I'll put all my works in there including the WIP, the earlier sketches (the things that normaly i don't really show to you :p), painting, drawing, inspiration, musics... everything ;)

So if you wanna know or if you interested about what i'm working on, you know where you have to search :)

See you soon guys !

God bless you all

- Rano
Hi Dev8 guys !

:iconxanthis89: Ask me about sharing some brushes that i used for my digital painting. And i answer to him that's not a problem for me :)

Some of you guys remember one of my journal entry titled "Use the tool. Don't let the tool use you" where i explained a lot of things about brushes things :)

For you guys who gonna download my brushset i highly recommend you to check out this entry before using my brush. It's a pretty big paragraph but i hope you'll understand what i want you to know. To read it jus click here =>… :)

That's all about it, just know that these brushes are made by me so, they will certainly don't work with your workflow or your style. But i think this is a good thing to show what we can do with some brushes :) Experimentation is really important and take a big part into the creative process!  And if i can help you with at it's cool ! :p

If you don't know how to brush check this link =>…
Neat and simple. Efficient and creative  turorial :)

Last thing, those brushes was made a year ago and i don't use them all anymore.

Download the Brushset here =>…

Have fun Guys !

God Bless you all

- Rano
Hi guys,

This is a very special entry here. Drawing is my first passion but music is my second one :)

My best friend asked me one day to make some digital music album and... i decided to give it a try lol So i've already produced 3 albums that I've called "Piano verses". The main focus of those "Piano verses" ablum series was to compose piano music.  And i realize that this is a very good thing to me to produce music for a certain goal :)

This one is, logically, my fourth album called "FLUX". This album is more urban/soul/hiphop/R'n'B music influences. I really wanted to share it with you guys, hope you'll like it :)

It's completely free  ;) Here's the download link :) =>…

And to conclude, if you guys are interested by my "Piano verses" series, just let me know and I will put the download link on a new journal entry :)

See you soon

God bless you all :)

- Rano
:iconelsevilla: had a very interesting journal entry that make me think an important things that I want to share with all the deviant community.

Digital medium now allow us to do art really faster and easier than traditionnal media. This is more flexible and productive. But don't think that with that kind of medium, you'll learn faster and easier. That's false.

Simply because it's a tool. And everybody can manipulate and master a tool. But that tool is not something magic that can transform you into an incredible artist. Cause the magic will come from you. And by you, I mean, the Artist.

The thing is,  to all of you guys who are saying to yourself "I need his/her wacom tablet and I'll draw like that ! ", "I need his/her softwares !" , "I need his/her brushes ! :D", it's completely wrong. Cause if you make a drawing with a pen, and you borrow your pen to Leonardo Da Vinci, there will be a obvious gap between your drawing and his. You use both the same pen... So what's wrong ?... The difference is his knowledge and his practice.

It's the same thing for the Digital medium. Photoshop, Illustrator, Paintool Sai, Corel Painter... They are all Tools. The dumbest man in a world can draw with those tools. But the difference will be you, your knowledge of anatomy, perspective, colors, composition, topics, style, sensibility... Everythings ! And by Everything, I mean Every little parts of your life that build your art background.

Don't get fustrated by your level. Your level belongs to you. It's you that drawing. Your hands. Your Soul. Your Passion. Your Brain. And you're the only one in charge of your current level of drawing. If you want to progress, practice your basics. Cause without knowing the female anatomy and the persperctive, you'll will never be able to draw a Girl in a correct Perspective. That's completely logic.

The most important is not how great you can manipulate the tools. The most important is your Ideas. Because nobody can manipulate your Ideas. Nobody can use your Ideas if you keep them :)

Don't envy the skills of another artist. He/she drawing are maybe better than yours but you certainly have better ideas than him/her :p So logically when you'll get better, what's gonna happens ? :)

Imagine yourself in front of your paper. You know how to use the Adobe CS5 suite, Corel Painter brushes, shortcuts of Paintool SAI, watercolors, oil paints, pencils, gouaches, charcoals... Every single medium that exist in this world. And you have no inspiration at all .... :(

You see that's completely useless.

I prefer have a little pencil, a piece of a newspaper, and my Ideas.

That lead us to my advices. Knowledge and practice.

Get some books who deals with Perspective, human anatomy, animals, insects, architectures, nature, get some references on Google etc... The more you'll know, the more your drawing and your painting will be credible and tight.
Draw everyting, that exist in this planet. Draw every single day. Take time to do that. Don't focus about a great illustration, a really epic scene, a tight character rendering. Your are learning. And you'll see soon, automaticly there will be a very big changes in your pieces.

Get a lil' sketchbook and a pen. Keep your mind and your ideas open. That's all you need right ?

Knowledge and Pratice

And don't forget. The ART comes from YOU. Not from the tools. Use the tool. Don't let the tool use you.


- Rano
Just wanna make a new journal here :)

Nothin' really special to say.

Still drawing, painting, designin' lol Still workin' :p

I wanna just thanks all of you guys again, for your appreciation and your support. Thanks for the comments, the Watchin' and all :)

I wish you all the best people.

God bless you all :)

- Rano
I've been a away  from a while but i'm back !!

I was drawing an painting a lot and i rush to my "submit deviation" button to share what i've done. And i see that people like that. So i really want to thanks all the watchers (the previous and the new too !), the comments and questions :) I really appreciate.

Get aware cause i'm not gonna slow down guys lol

I would like to share so news about my different web stuffs so :

My professional portfolio =>

Blogspot => … my new blogspot, if you want to see all the news stuffs, check it out.

Twitter => &n… my twitter page, so if you got a twitter account and you want to follow me, feel free to do it ;)

[updates] If you guys have any questions, request or you just wanna send me an email =>

And again thanks for all the dv8 community

see ya

Just wanna thanks all the dv8 community :)

See ya soon !
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It's good to be here :)

Outside is dark, everybody is spleepin'. But i'm not very tied :)

I would like to share somethin' with you all. I've just wrot it on my blogspot and i think it's (for me) important to say.

" I notice that since i began this blogspot, i used to draw women lol... But i wanna say one thing for you guys, during a time, i was always drawin' men :p
So i think it's a kind of balance. And i thinks it's a logical way to progress.
I realize that it's a quite bad habit to stuck just in one thing. You know, doin' always the things that you know you can do. Sometimes i try news things, fresh subjects, as an experimentation. And it looks very ugly !
But to my mind, that's the way things goes in "Art". You have to try, if you want to see what you can do or what you can not do yet. Maybe it's the purpose all the artists: Master all kind of subjects that our "Art" brings up to us. "
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